A holistic programme designed to bring you the...

  • Alignment

    Rediscover your values so you can tap into your deepest source of motivation and align your life to what truly counts.

  • Confidence

    Own your skills and strengths so you feel more confident in your career and in realising your true potential.

  • Purpose

    Reveal your life purpose so you can make more impact in the world and feel more truly fulfilled.

  • Belief

    Let go of what's holding you back and start believing in yourself so you feel empowered to create a lasting change.

  • Clarity

    Get really clear on your ideal role and employer so you can start taking action and find your best fit.

  • Direction

    Create your career goals and action plan so you can set your course and move through your crossroads

...to choose a career path which leads to greater balance and fulfilment

whether that's staying within your current role (with improvements), changing either your employer or role within it or totally changing your industry or profession. 

It's time to stop existing and start living!

Life is short. Many of us will spend a third of it working, so why not dedicate some quality time to at least finding work you are passionate about, work which fulfils you, which gives you a spring in your step and which you want to get out of bed for in the mornings? The Conscious Career Change is a 12 week online coaching programme designed for people at a career crossroads, ready to kick-start their transformation and find true happiness and fulfilment from their work. It delivers both a practical and holistic approach because work and life are so intrinsically linked. So if you're tired of feeling stuck and ready to make more impact on the world, find better work life balance and to discover what might make you truly happy, this programme is for you!

This course is for you if you are

  • unhappy in your current career and considering making a change

  • facing redundancy and looking for guidance on what's next for you

  • a stay-at-home parent wanting to restart your career

and you're feeling

  • unfulfilled, stuck or lost and desperate for clarity and inspiration

  • like a lost cause or too old to make a career change

  • turned off by a more corporate approach to career coaching


To create a more lasting transformation, we focus on your body, mind and spirit through topics such as: Work Life Balance, Intuition, Identity and Limiting Beliefs. Plus, throughout the course, you will be guided to begin some daily practices to support you in your quest to find happiness at work, through: Meditation, Affirmations, Journaling, Mindfulness, Gratitude and Visualisation.


This course is highly practical and you will be prompted throughout to take action. There are 2 modules dedicated to creating shortlists, goals and an action plan. Plus a workbook to compliment each module with coaching exercises to help you structure your thoughts and generate fresh insights which will inform your career change journey.

From Pharmacist to Art Therapist

Sue Bulmer

Through Rebecca's career change coaching programme I was able to identify my key strengths, interests and passions which led me from a career in Pharmacy to Art Therapy. I remember feeling scared, nervous and apprehensive about what lay ahead but Rebecca helped me to dismantle the obstacles and barriers which were holding me back. I am now a fully qualified Art Therapist embarking on my new career working with clients and helping them to facilitate change through creativity.

A new level of clarity and fulfilment!

Jo Gendle

Working with Rebecca gave me the push I needed to begin an exciting new career direction whilst also helping me discover ways to maintain my current client base and income stream. I have total clarity in my purpose now and am already feeling more fulfilled by my work. I loved Rebecca’s calm and focussed approach and she always made me feel totally supported and that she got what I’m about.

My passion is no longer 'just a hobby'

Deborah Perry

I’ve always felt that my talent was a gift I was meant to share with others, I’ve kept my art hidden away within the limited confines of it being “just a hobby”. I had neither the confidence or the knowhow to get my work out there, that was until I met Rebecca. ​

Course Modules

  • 2

    Module 1: Alignment

    • Introduction to Module 1



    • Lesson 1: Your Values

    • Lesson 2: What Lights You Up

    • Lesson 3: What Turns You Off

    • Lesson 4: Brainstorm Your Values

    • Lesson 5: Create Your Top 10 Values List

    • Lesson 6: Aligning With Your Values


    • HOLISTIC PRACTICE: Journaling

    • BONUS! Time Management Tool

  • 3

    Module 2: Confidence

    • Introduction to Module 2



    • Lesson 1: Your Transferable Skills

    • Lesson 2: Your Knowledge

    • Lesson 3: Your Personal Strengths

    • Lesson 4: Your Superpowers


    • HOLISTIC PRACTICE: Meditation

  • 4

    Module 3: Purpose

    • Introduction to Module 3



    • Lesson 1: Uncovering Life Purpose with Ikigai

    • Lesson 2: Your Passions

    • Lesson 3: Your Mission

    • Lesson 4: Your Profession

    • Lesson 5: Your Vocation

    • Lesson 6: Voluntary Work & Hobbies


    • HOLISTIC PRACTICE: Essential Oils

  • 5

    Module 4: Belief

    • Introduction to Module 4



    • Lesson 1: Letting Go of What's Keeping You Stuck

    • Lesson 2 : Limiting & Empowering Beliefs

    • Lesson 3: Ego & Identity

    • Lesson 4: Your Inner Critic

    • Lesson 5: Abundance & Prosperity


    • HOLISTIC PRACTICE: Affirmations

  • 6

    Module 5: Clarity

    • Introduction to Module 5



    • Lesson 1: Your Ideal Role

    • Lesson 2: Your Ideal Employer

    • Lesson 3: Creating a Shortlist of Options

    • Lesson 4: Working For Yourself

    • Lesson 5: If You Still Need Clarity


    • HOLISTIC PRACTICE: Gratitude

  • 7

    Module 6: Direction

    • Introduction to Module 6



    • Lesson 1: The 3 Paths At Your Crossroads

    • Lesson 2: Stay & Improve (PATH 1)

    • Lesson 3: Role or Employer Change (PATH 2)

    • Lesson 4: Career Change (PATH 3)

    • Lesson 5: Becoming Self-employed

    • Lesson 6: Setting Your Career Goal


    • HOLISTIC PRACTICE: Visualisation

    • BONUS! LinkedIn Profile Enhancer

  • 8

    Course Summary

    • A Final Word

What's included

  • 6 modules covering the key ingredients to a meaningful career change

  • 50 bite-sized coaching videos

  • 6 editable course workbooks to guide you through each module and structure your thoughts

  • Guidance on 6 supportive holistic practices to help you feel balanced and stay positive on your journey

  • One-to-One Coaching Sessions with Rebecca via Zoom (choose from either a single session or a full programme of 6)

  • Email support to keep you motivated and help you overcome any blocks (full programme only)


Each module has its own Workbook for you to download, which guides you through the lessons, giving you space to explore your thoughts, generate new insights and commit to action.
Course Workbook

Bonus Material

  • Wheel of Life

    A simple but powerful tool to check in with how balanced your life is. This exercise will give you a prompt to start making changes which will restore more balance and wellbeing.

  • Managing Your Time

    This tool will help you reduce procrastination and distractions so that you can maximise your time and make the most out of your investment in this course (and beyond).

  • LinkedIn Profile Builder

    I share tips on enhancing your profile to support your efforts to switch careers or to just find a better fit. Using my LinkedIn profile as an example, we take a look in turn at each section.

Online Course

Investment £295 (or 2 x £165)

Delivered as a 6 week self-study intensive with access to all the videos and workbooks. (You can add on individual 1-1 sessions to support you on your journey as needed).

Full Support

Investment £1,100 (or 3 x £395)

Delivered as a 3 month programme including 6 x One-to-One Coaching Sessions with Rebecca and email support throughout, plus access to all the video and workbook content and a Work Life Assessment to kick-start your journey towards greater balance.

Programme Coach

Holistic Life & Career Coach

Rebecca Kirk

Rebecca is a Holistic Life & Career Coach for mid-career professionals who are yearning for greater purpose, balance and fulfilment from their work. A specialist in supporting people who are feeling disillusioned, lost, stressed, stuck and disconnected. Rebecca has made several successful career changes herself and shares her experience and understanding to help you find work that you love.

Sound like a good fit?

For details on how to get started or to ask any questions about the course, you can email Rebecca at hello@rebeccakirk.co.uk or book in a Free Taster Session

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